Grant funding is available for non-profit facilities and events (attractions) within Cheyenne County that bring significant numbers of visitors from outside the county.

The Cheyenne County Visitors Committee’s goal is to fund meaningful projects that have the highest likelihood of significant, positive impact in the growth of the Tourism Industry within the county. Tourism brings new people to the county to enjoy the travel and tourism facilities within the county. People that stay overnight is a priority as the grant is funded through the Lodging Tax collected in the county. Visiting our attractions, shopping in our stores, and eating in our restaurants have a great economic impact for the entire area and benefit all citizens of the county.

Please only use the current version application form from this website. Any prior versions WILL NOT be accepted.

The Visitors Committee typically meets on the first Wednesday of the month at 5pm in the Sidney/Cheyenne County Visitors Center. The deadline to submit a grant request is the last Wednesday of the month, AND at least 30 days prior to any promotions or improvements being implemented. Proof of non-profit status is required.

Before beginning any application, please refer to the GRANT FUNDING GUIDELINES document.

Email [email protected] or call 308-254-4030 with any questions.

All projects must give credit to the Cheyenne County Visitors Committee and should include the words “Partially funded by a grant from Cheyenne County Visitors Committee” with the logo and website where applicable.

Cheyenne County Visitors Committee logo file